Native Instruments – Ethereal Earth v2.0.2 (KONTAKT)

A hybrid organic / electronic instrument that takes many acoustic instruments from around the world and combines them with digital synthesis, organic foley layers and effects processing. The result is a fusion of traditional and digital, bass, strings (bowed and plucked), wind instruments, tuned percussion, bells / metals, pads / drones, leads and textured ambiance.

FULL & UPDATE means that you can download the already updated full version if you install it for the first time or download only the update if there is a previous one.

2.0.2 – 2021-09-21

• FIXED Issue where stopping host transport during a long note while sequencer is running would result in hanging notes.
• FIXED Any patches using Tape Saturator effect in HQ mode have the HQ mode disabled now (in order to prevent audio cut-outs and pops).

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