Music Production Biz – Woofers 1.0 (WAV)

Upgrade your game to 808 and access more than 130 professional samples and components 808.

• Total Files x135 wavs
• Distorted 808s x30 (short, medium, long, key-labeled)
• Clean 808s x30 (short, medium, long, key-labeled)
• Signature 808s x10 (key-labeled)
• Tails x30 (short, medium, long, key-labeled)
• Dirt x5

C Version Most sampler players map the loaded sample to C no matter what key it’s in. To help you work faster,
we added a C version for each tuned 808 so that you can load it into your favorite sampler without worrying about transposing it to map it to the piano roll.

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