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MAGIX – Samplitude Pro X4 Suite x86 x64

Samplitude Pro X4 is one of the most successful and complete solutions for professional audio production. As a digital audio processing (DAW) workstation for Windows computers, Samplitude offers unlimited possibilities for recording, editing, mixing, production and mastering. For more than twenty years, this program has perfectly combined unique functionality, sound neutrality, outstanding editing capabilities, flawless CD / DVD mastering and the flexibility to customize the working environment.

Like all previous versions, this version was developed in close collaboration with musicians, sound engineers, producers and users, for whom Samplitude has become an integral part of their profession. This program contains many innovative features and promising new developments.

An audio engine with full bit transparency and phase stability, specially designed and optimized to meet the highest demands of professional standards. The program interface is fully customizable for the most comfortable work.

Recording and Processing

Ensure the highest quality recordings even in the most difficult situations. The absolute neutrality of the sound and the professional work with delays allow you to tune your recordings in the most precise way at the studio level.

Making Music

Find new inspiration in yourself! You can do more with score creation and MIDI processing and numerous virtual instruments.


Editing material is one of the strengths of Samplitude. An individual approach to working algorithms, the ability to customize and precise software tools will allow you to fully concentrate on the nuances of the project itself, and not on the technical characteristics.

Mixing and mastering

Intuitive mixing, routing module and animation will allow you to work very freely without wasting time on a long routine. Professional-grade mastering effects let you work really well.

Virtual Instruments

Samplitude Pro X has a wide range of classical and modern musical instruments at your service, allowing you to either refine your existing projects or launch brand new ones. Create music with groove boxes, synthesizers and authentic samples from a wide variety of styles and eras.

  1. Base setup
  2. SamUpdate
  3. From the Fix folder, copy both files to the C: \ Program Files \ MAGIX \ Samplitude Pro X4 Suite \ Protein folder
  4. Russifier (optional) and help and manuals in Russian.
  5. Content – sounds, presets and synthesizers for Samplitude. mxGetContent.bat – download content (sounds, presets, synthesizers) for Samplitude from the Internet. This file must be placed in the program folder and run as administrator to open the content loader. The shortcut for downloading the content is automatically added to the desktop after installing the localizer.

About Russifier

In addition to translating the interface, the Russifier includes a user manual, online help, help for built-in plug-ins and tools, a very useful step-by-step tutorial, and a list of keyboard shortcuts that is easy to print – all in Russian!
To open Help or Manual, in any program window, plug-in, or software tool, click the? or Help or press F1.
Additionally, shortcuts to help files appear in a folder on the desktop.

Returning the interface

to English To return to the English interface, select Help> Language> English. You can install the Russian language in the same menu with the Automatic command (if the command did not work, just reinstall the crack).

Incorrect encoding on panels and windows (“krakozyabry”)

Run CodepagesRUS.bat in the program folder (C: \ Program Files \ MAGIX \ Samplitude Pro X4 Suite) as administrator and restart your computer.

Hebrew is displayed instead of Russian

Run CodepagesORIG.cmd in the program folder as administrator, then run CodepagesRUS.bat as administrator and restart your computer.

“Krakozyabry” in file names in the start window

Specify the names of folders and projects in English. Cyrillic is not supported.

Invalid characters in search fields, object names

Unfortunately, it is impossible to enter Russian characters in some fields. Indicate titles in English or insert Russian text, for example, from Notepad.

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