MAGIX – Samplitude Music Studio 2021

Samplitude Music Studio 2021 is always where you are it is necessary. From the first to the last note and from your garage to the stage. A compact, versatile instrument that delivers incredible performance when composing, recording, mixing or mastering.

One-of-a-kind editing
Cut and organize your notes easily and efficiently. Each clip can be assigned its own plug-ins, EQ and time / step settings in the Object Editor, which reduces the number of tracks and simplifies automation.

Log in and start recording instruments and sounds

With Samplitude Music Studio you can start composing and arranging full songs right away. Take advantage of 26 customizable virtual instruments and 8 sound pools, each with hundreds of professional samples.

Wind instruments

From classic to compact, woodwind is a great way to give your melodies a distinctive sound. More Stacks for Your Tracks – Add rhythmic accents with powerful wind instruments.

Drums and Percussion

Create the right rhythm with pop drums and electronic beats. Add color to your arrangements with exotic percussion instruments.


Singing or singing is not a question. Use virtual voices for wide backing vocals or attention-grabbing lead accents.


Use virtual synthesizers to create powerful bass sounds, soaring soundscapes, and catchy solos. Or just experiment to see what sounds you can create.

Strings and Folklore

These strings span styles and continents, from New Orleans jazz to traditional Russian music, and from solemn melodies to songs that pierce to the core.

Orchestra Sounds

Cello, a row of pianos and an entire orchestra: Bring the sound of a concert hall to your home studio.

Impressive New Features

When your arrangements are set and everyone knows what to do, it’s the details that differentiate the real performance from just another workout. Discover the latest features of Music Studio 2021 to enhance your sound.

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