Luftrum – Luftkraft for U-He Diva (SYNTH PRESET)

Luftkraft is a sound pack containing 82 Kraftwerk-inspired synth patches by Luftrum.

By analyzing Kraftwerk tracks, Luftrum decoded and played several iconic and famous sounds and created several new ones that Kraftwerk did not even know existed! The result is a carefully curated set of patches ranging from famous synth sounds to resonant drums, classic bass and sound effects, pads and electronic transitions that have sounded on Kraftwerk albums over the years.

The sound set also contains fresh and inimitable new material. Patches that are not reconstructed or exact replicas, but developed based on the Kraftwerk style technique by combining typical Kraftwerk synthesizer settings to create new combinations and types based on the characteristics and signature of existing sounds.

Luftkraft is fully NKS-compatible, which is relevant for users of Komplete Kontrol equipment from Native Instruments. It includes NKS tagged presets, NKS audio previews and sorted in a Luftkraft subbank, separating them from other Diva presets. All patches leave a few dB of headroom, and there is a PDF manual describing how to install the kit and where to place NKS presets. The Sound Set contains no MIDI files.

Although the sounds are reproduced with the utmost fidelity, these are loosely inspired synthesizer emulations, recreated by ear. Patches may not have the same synth settings as their original counterparts. All sounds you hear in the main demo below are 100% Diva playable, including all drums, and no external samples or effects of any kind are used.

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