Kuassa Amplifikation – Clarent 1.0.0 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64 –

The third product created by Kuassa with 3rd generation Tube Simulation technology after the much-publicized Amplifikation Caliburn and Matchlock. Amplifikation Clarent is inspired by Orange * amps and thanks to the 3rd Generation Tube Simulation engine, it guarantees guitarists a more dynamic, natural sounding and realistic amp recording experience.

There are no other guitar amps besides Orange Amplifiers * whose looks and presentability are as unique as their sound. Instantly recognizable for its vibrant, colorful appearance, delivering a massive crunchy tone used by world-class performers such as Fleetwood Mac *, The Black Crowes *, Oasis *, Mastodon *, High on Fire *, Slipknot *, Orianthi *, Deftones *, Korn *, and many others!

Kuassa takes a different approach this time, where we mix and match tones from different Orange Amplifiers * for each channel, resulting in six different sounds that you can play on your personal computer. Based on the third generation of our patented circuit matching technology, enjoy the epitome of British gravity: Amplifikation Clarent.

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