Karanyi Sounds – Budapest Abstract Vibes (KONTAKT)

A symphony of resonance! Budapest Abstract Vibes are designed to bring dynamic, rich modern vibraphone sounds to your musical production. Playing with a variety of sticks and special techniques such as the string bow and metal brush has created a very unusual and exciting library of boutique instruments for you. We’ve also added some synth and ambiance sub-layers to fit any genre, from electronic music to film scores.

4 articulations with medium and hard sticks + additional brush layers.

3 mic positions
Transient rich sampling with close (1x Shure SM57) + mid mic (2x AT35) positions

  • Synths & Effects
    Add subtle weight or extra character with analog synth layers, tape, dimensional and spatial effects.

Professional sound
Recorded in Budapest, performed by Nandor Weiss, percussionist of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Main characteristics!

Yamaha concert vibraphone sampled in a dry studio in Budapest.

  • Traditional techniques (4 different percussion and tremolo instruments played with soft and hard sticks, bow and brush)
  • 3 speed layers from piano to forte.
  • 5 octaves/instruments.
  • 18 GUI controls including tremolo control.
  • Recorded with 2 x AT35 (mid mix) + Shure SM57 (close mix) on Universal Audio Apollo X.
  • All GUI elements can be learned via MIDI

Additional articulations!

Everything from traditional instruments plus

  • 9 synth sub-layers sampled from various analog and modular synths by Dave Smith, Roland.
  • 1 to 3 speed layers per tool.
  • 5 octaves/instruments.

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