Instruments By Lamprey – CLOUDBURST ACOUSTIC

Guitar harmonics. Cloudburst Acoustic is the second product in the Cloudburst series. This is a deeply sampled library of natural harmonics played on an acoustic guitar, recorded with both mono and XY pair.

The tool includes a customizable algorithm that adds extra playing noise and sometimes plays ghostly notes for added realism. The instrument has a playback range from D2 to C5 and includes high quality Kontakt effects Reverb, Delay, Filter, Chorus and Phaser.

Lay it with piano, strings, or use it alone and smile as your tunes overflow with emotion and emotion!

• 3 Octaves of professional tuned and recorded Natural Harmonics.
• Mono and XY Pair microphone setups.
• Multi-Velocity Samples.
• Round-Robin function for realistic playing.
• Built-in Reverb, Delay, Filter, Trash and Movement FX, all with automatable controllers.
• Smart Random Noise algorithm for added realism (if desired).
• Pitch-Bend and Filter Cutoff via Modwheel.

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