Indiginus – Generation Electric Guitar (KONTAKT)

Our goal with Generation was to capture the sound and spirit of the American classic electric guitar. As well as at home in rock, funk, jazz, country, pop and countless other styles, her versatility has been the secret of her over 60 years of fame.

• Control articulations with key velocity, key switches, or both.
• In Strum Mode, you can choose from preset chords and patterns, edit them, or create your own.
• Includes chord recognition that translates your played chords into guitar chords. Drop tuning to C.
• Auto Harmony
• Articulations include slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, staccato, mutes, harmonics, and trills.
• Editable effects, including our new custom amp / speaker simulations.
• Recorded direct, so you can bypass all on-board effects and send the output to your own effects plug-ins
• MIDI files of demos included.

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