Impact Soundworks – Riffage Metal (KONTAKT)

Create a professional rhythm guitar track in minutes ! Riffage: Metal – the first in a line of looping rhythm guitar phrase libraries – contains 300 energetic, unique phrases, from epic doom to the dizzying intensity of thrash and basement grind djent. Phrases can be played in any key, at a wide range of tempos, either with a pre-made amplified sound or with a clean DI signal. Shreddage’s time-saving rhythm companion!

Need a metal rhythm track for a sizzling Shreddage solo? Or an instant-sounding metal rhythm guitar track for a project on a tight schedule? Riffage: Metal brings the virtuoso performance of an experienced professional metal guitarist to your productions quickly and efficiently.

300 patterns give you the best of both worlds: a generous variety of phrases and the subtle variation in performance that a live performer brings with ready-made sound and the efficiency of a phrase library.

Hear phrases at lightning speed in the browser and narrow down your search using the provided keywords. Play phrases in any key and with an impressively wide range of tempos. Create a complete rhythm guitar track in minutes!

Riffage: Metal Phrases, played on a Gibson Explorer with a Dirty Fingers pickup, cover a huge variety of riffs, phrases and chants recorded in three different tempos: 80, 120 and 160 beats per minute. However, phrases can be played at almost any tempo without artifacts. Up to 46 phrases can be assigned to the key switches (C1 to A4).

Phrases include a variety of techniques, including harmonics, bends, mutes, and slides, from powerful slow chants to high-intensity 16-note patterns suitable for many genres of metal. The library also comes with the ability to easily drag and drop WAV files into your DAW. While the library is large, its searchability and ease of browsing make it the ideal partner to meet tight production deadlines.

Bi-amplified stereo sound is ideal for most professional metal productions. You can build it further on our console page, or create your own tone using the DI channel and built-in console effects: custom cabinets, speakers, EQs, pedals, reverbs and more. Or use the DI tone with your own amp simulator of choice!

• 300 phrases covering everything from doom to thrash
• Riffs, phrases and chants recorded at 80, 120, 160 beats per minute.
• Easy keyword browsing
• Plays in all keys, virtually any tempo
Production ready with amplified signal
• Create your own tone with optional DI signal
• WAV files are available for drag and drop directly into your DAW

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