Impact Soundworks – Modern Harpejji (KONTAKT)

Produce expressive, versatile and totally unique Harpejji sound from Marcodi Musical Products with this authentic and authorized virtual instrument! From smooth bass lines to rich polyphonic keyboard tones, our Modern Harpejji captures the full range of pure tones of the 24-string Harpeji K24 and gives you unrivaled tools to shape the sound of your choice.

Handcrafted by Marcodi Musical Products in Maryland, USA, the Harpejji is one of the most unique instruments of the 21st century. Performed by musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Jacob Collier, Jordan Rudess and A. Rahman, it combines elements of traditional keyboard instruments with bass and guitar, with a unique arrangement (up to 24 strings) that can be played exclusively by tapping.

Masterly solos (with vibrato and pitch bend), walking bass lines and rich chords – all equally possible – at the same time!
Our authorized virtual version of this incredible instrument reproduces the sound of the Harpejji K24, the largest model with the widest range. Since it was recorded cleanly (direct input / DI), you can shape the tone however you want, and we’ve included a wide variety of shots to inspire your creativity.

But modern harpages can also go beyond the capabilities of a physical instrument. You can create new sounds by layering up to 3 strings at the same pitch at the same time, switch to all bass or all treble strings, enable harmonies with scale correction, and adjust the dynamic response of the entire instrument.

Thanks to its versatile sound and Kontakt engine, Modern Harpejji works for a huge variety of styles and genres, and it’s just great to play. We hope you enjoy it in your own musical pieces!

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