Homegrown Sounds – Reanimator for Kontakt 5 v1.1

Reanimator is an advanced dual sequencer that reorganizes looped slices. There are 2 identical engines, and everyone can have a trigger / volume, a cut filter, a set of waves (which contains 126 playable loops) and each of the 16 slices will also be played. This is a powerful and creative process that can produce amazing results. In addition, the modulation wheel is used to offset the current wave set to instantly re-mix the sequence, and it can also be used to find the most interesting variant, and then use the Set Wheel button to save it to the sequencer.

In these engines, you can also select from a large list the filter type, cycle speed, set the frequency cutoff and resonance, set the filter envelope size and sound attenuation time, volume attenuation time, pitch shift by 24 semitones, pan and volume of the machine. All these parameters can be automated by DAW, which expands the capabilities of the tools.

There are 3 banks that use loops made with the Evolver DSI, which are recorded in 100BPM. Reanimator uses time stretching to reproduce loops at a constant pace and change the pitch, although the farther you go from the original tone, the more you will hear artifacts that may be of interest. By default, it uses the high-quality kontakt algorithm, which can load the CPU a little at extreme acceleration or at high frequencies, so a second identical tool is also included that uses the usual high-quality time stretching and that uses less CPU.

The Reanimator also includes an effects section with reverb, a set of impulse responses, a stereo time delay, a flanger, a phaser or a chorus. There are local and global randomizers, customizable to get interesting results. Finally, he has his own preset system, which is always in sight ready to load or save presets.

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