Heckmann Audio – u-he Zebra Legacy v2.9.3 (Incl. SerialIndex Calculator) VTSi, VST3i, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x64

Zebra legacy: Zebra goes wild! Our workhorse, the Zebra2 synthesizer, has always been a favorite in sound engineering circles, especially in Hollywood. Many new features have been added over the years, and recent versions have built-in support for Apple Silicon and VST3. However, the latest version does not add any new features, but offers much more…

Zebra Legacy is Zebra2 plus all of our previously paid sound sets for free, including The Dark Zebra with its ZebraHZ plugin version… 4315 presets in total.
The ZebraHZ is happy to play any Zebra2 sounds – the two ‘Zebra2’ folders in ‘Local’ and ‘User’ link to the corresponding folders in Zebra2. However, Zebra2 will not correctly play ZebraHZ sounds that include additional features (see next page), although they will be loaded.

So what’s the point of having a Zebra2 if I can always use the more powerful ZebraHZ?
The main reason we included the Zebra2 is for compatibility with existing projects: There is very little difference in CPU load, especially if your ZebraHZ patch does not use “Diva” filters or polyphonic compressors. Also, since some of the extras that Hans asked for could only be added in a non-standard way, ZebraHZ is a bit of a Frankenstein monster. Some people may prefer to use the regular Zebra2, but if you can handle a few minor quirks, we recommend downloading the ZebraHZ as often as possible!

• All 500+ factory presets have been updated and enhanced with X/Y assignments. (They are fully marked and ready to work with NKS).
• 4 powerful wave oscillators (16 waves) with built-in spectral effects.
• 1, 2, 4 or 11 unison, with detonation and stereo expansion.
• Polyphonic (up to 16 voices), duophonic or monophonic modes and legato modes.

• 4 assignable X/Y pads.
• 4 FM oscillators with 8 alternative waveforms (not just sine).
• 4 regular filters with 23 different modes.
• 4 cross modulation filters (XMF).
• 12-slot modulation matrix with second-source depth modulation.
• Flexible signal routing: 4[12 main patch grid, 3×6 effects patch grid.

• 4 synchronized multi-stage envelope generators (MSEG) with 32 segments each.
• 4 LFOs for each voice plus 2 global LFOs.
• 21 stereo effects: 2? chorus/flanger, 2? delay, 2? equalizer, 2? compressor, 2? reverb, etc.
• Changeable user interface from 70% to 200%.
• MIDI learning page and editable list.
• NEW in v2.9.3: Oddsound MTS-ESP support.

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