Gothic Instruments – DRONAR Distorchestra (KONTAKT)

Deep, expressive and innovative creator of atmospheric sound.
This is the 13th DRONAR module. Returning to the cinematic sound of his first popular Hybrid module, Distorchestra uses orchestral samples (strings, winds and woodwinds) crafted by sound design genius Alessandro Kamnasio (Aquaman, Us, Fantastic Beasts) to create a variety of complex, organic pad textures.
Sounds range from beautiful and emotional to tense and terrifying, but they are always expressive, cinematic and of the highest possible quality. DRONAR is a deep, expressive and innovative creator of atmospheric sound. Each module explores different areas of sound and music. Distorchestra features live recordings of brass, woodwind and string effects that have been expertly crafted and transformed by sound design master Alessandro Kamnasio into weird new sounds that preserve the organic, cinematic quality of the original sound. 8 individual sounds in the magnificent DRONAR engine are animated by independent arpeggiators and modulators to create an otherworldly evolving synthetic sound.

200+ premium presets hand-crafted by experienced sound designers
5GB core library
Powered by the award-winning updated DRONAR Engine
A one of a kind, processed orchestra at your fingertips
Sound library includes brass, string and woodwind performances from leading professional session players
6 pages of simple controls deliver infinite creative potential
Save time on creating complex soundscapes which would normally take hours to create
Super low loading times with new snapshots system
Loyalty discount for existing DRONAR users

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