Gospel Musicians – the BlueBeast Yamaha EX (UVI Falcon)

You get full access to raw waveforms and instruments VL, as well as full AN emulation. These are NOT samples. This is a complete emulation of AN1 EX5 synthesis.

We interpolated the AN1’s ​​waveforms using FFT synthesis and mipmapping, while retaining the same Edge, Sync and Feedback features that the AN1x loved so much, so you really get two synths in one.

Finally, thanks to the power of UVI and sophisticated synthesis and sampling techniques, we were able to implement many of the requested FDSP mechanisms from the EX5, such as: ring modulator, pulse width modulation, tornado, seismic analysis and FULL FM. synthesizer (not only FDSP Self-FM).

We were even able to sample the water effects and send them across the entire filter section and envelopes. As an added bonus, we included the complete set of EP EX5 that people liked the most about EX5.

We can confidently say that you will be able to create about 85% of your original sounds with BlueBeast, and in many cases you will be able to create better presets thanks to the high quality effects and synthesis that UVI provides.

In terms of presets, we have included all 256 factory presets from the original equipment, so you can have a good nostalgic feeling about real equipment.

• all factory timbre and drum presets
• all AWM waveforms
• AN1x tabular waveforms
• VL sound samples

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  1. Hi
    I downloaded this (Gospel Musicians – the BlueBeast Yamaha EX (UVI Falcon)
    ) but whenever I want to download the library it says I can’t reach the server.
    I have a steady internet connection of 5MB/S.
    Any help, please??
    Gospel Musicians – the BlueBeast Yamaha EX (UVI Falcon)

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