Goodhertz – All Plugins Bundle v3.5.0 VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x64

Goodhertz is a company specializing in audio software, founded in early 2014. We are located in Southern California and have offices in Vermont and Seoul. We believe audio plugins should sound great and be easy to use. We specialize in creating the best audio plugins.

• CanOpener Studio
Simulate the sound of high-quality speakers in the headphones.

• Vulf Compressor
High-quality compressor, the true “Himalayan pink sea salt” in the mix. He can change the direction of the song. It gives our songs a really great sound.

• Megaverb
Inspired by the very first digital reverbs that have ever been made, Megaverb is * the opposite of * high, clean or realistic – it has the atmosphere and character of the 1980s. Press the Digital Lofi button and you will hear digital noise, distortion and bit reduction. Press the Lofi analog control and you will hear transistor distortion and analog crunch.

• Tone Control
A gorgeous, sleek oil equalizer with enough versatility for every track in your mix that enhances and reveals a classic tone.

• Trem Control
This inspirational 21st century tremolo that recreates classics and enlivens the contemporary.

• Lossy
Are you ready to nostalgic for the wonderful harmonics of the highly compressed digital sound that determined the sound of drums in 2001? So, we created Lossy: an aesthetic artifact of highly compressed sound in real time.

• Lohi
Filter with parameters type, slope, resonance, saturation, automation, plus a limiter / saturator with analog simulation.

• Faraday Limiter
Limiter with bright, colorful dynamics and warm ribbon-like saturations, which has a fleshy, harmoniously saturated sound. It sounds great on individual instruments, vocals, dialogue, etc. and provides a high level of timbre formation and tonal coloring, which cannot be achieved with any other dynamic processor.

• Panpot
Combines four different panning modes in one plug-in that simply transforms stereo. It gives you full color for stereo audio signals. You can use it as you like: for realistic, hyper-realistic or completely unrealistic spatial effects.

• Good Dither
Dithering plugin that is very easy to work with. Set it to “Optimal” and it optimizes the downgrade for any combination of bit depth and sample rate

• Tiltshift A tilt
equalizer that can dramatically change the tone and timbre of your sound – from soft and warm to crystal clear with a single slider, with the plugin stick to the first rule of mastering: do no harm.

• Midside
Plugin with the perfect balance between simplicity and power in mid / side processing. Use it on any stereo source; a plugin that quickly gets to the point, but does not skimp on the details; a plugin that achieves perfection with just a few controllers.

• Midside Matrix
The light version of our famous Midside processor provides only the main points: a medium-sized matrix, gain and monitoring – all in a simple, easy interface.

• Wow Control
A plug-in that is fully focused on modulating analog tape and was designed to emulate three tape machines spanning three decades: every noise, every vibration and every harmonic

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