Global Audio Tools – Bundle VSTi, x86 x64

A set of plugins:

• Global Audio Tools – Drum Kings

Drum kings is filled with many hard drums (350 sounds) that will inspire creative inspiration again and again. This drum plugin can be used for a wide variety of musical styles: from modern trap to EDM, soul and much more.
We have included options that can help you adjust your sound with individual volume levels and panning for each drum. We also included the main effects for your entire drum kit, which range from analog reverb, filter, vinyl effect, adsr curves, and more.
We have also included 51 different drum kits that can be selected using the built-in menu. You can press 2 keys at the same time to lay down barrels and snares to get more sound, as well as make catchy hi-hat grooves, since the drums are sensitive to cycling.

• Global Audio Tools – Momentum Pads

Global Audio Tools brings music manufacturers worldwide their first VST plugin. We are pleased to introduce the Momentum Pad Station, which contains 51 pads for a modern music producer. Contains ambient, up to the majestic and sharp pads. We are sure that you will like this tool and you will download it again and again. Get your copy today.

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