Ghosthack – Lo-Fi Hip Hop Volume 2

Lo-Fi is still gaining popularity on big platforms like Youtube and Spotify. People all over the world tend to relax and relaxed lo-fi beats are the best way to quickly time out.
Inspired by the sound of modern Lo-Fi music, our ambitious sound engineers have created a unique collection of samples, loops and constructors that give you everything you need to create your own outstanding Lo-Fi tracks, which will soon be broadcast on famous live streams on Youtube and will take their place in famous Spotify playlists.
To create a solid foundation for your Lo-Fi rhythm, we’ve included a variety of vintage drum loops and one-shots – all paired with great low-fidelity effects and subtle vinyl crackles.
Aside from finding drums that sound good, the biggest challenge with Lo-Fi is getting a really great melody. That’s why this sound kit contains a wide selection of beautiful instrument and synthetic loops. For producers looking to create their own tunes, we’ve included a variety of versatile musical compositions.
Create awesome beats in minutes with our 5 builders – you can hear everything

25 Musical One-Shots
20 Crashes
26 Hi-Hats
30 Kicks
20 Percussions
16 Detailed Sound FX
15 Snares
8 Vinyl Crackles
2 Wind Chimes
15 Drum Fills
41 Drum Loops
10 Electric Guitar Loops
5 Electric Piano Loops
5 Emotional Piano Loops
40 Melodic Synth Loops
34 MIDI Files
5 Construction Kits with 68 Files

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