GetGood Drums – One Kit Wonder Metal (KONTAKT)

One Kit Wonder: Metal is a new drum library for metal from GetGood Drums. The instrument is inspired by “high-budget metal of the early to mid 2000s”.

GetGood Drums Misha Mansour and Adam “Nolly” GetGood have unveiled a new drum library in the One Kit Wonder series. The new drums of One Kit Wonder: Metal, unlike the previous releases of the line, focus on heavy music.

The One Kit Wonder Series offers quality, ready-to-mix drums at an affordable price. The line libraries are specialized in different directions and require minimal intervention for implementation in the mix. According to Mansour, the approach allows musicians to set aside the difficulties of mixing and focus on creativity.

GGD One Kit Wonder: Metal promises powerful, snappy drums for today’s metal and core styles. The creators were inspired by “high-budget metal of the early to mid-2000s”, characterized by realism, power and polished drums.

The library is suitable not only for pure metal, but also for any related heavy musical directions. As noted by the developers, the instrument handles compositions at a tempo of up to 250 beats per minute without any problems.

Bass kick and snare combine great attack that effortlessly breaks through the tightest mixes, along with low-frequency power. The volumes are set symmetrically to cover the entire stereo field. Finally, the instrument has received a large set of hardware, covering a wide range of timbres.

The creators note that despite the focus on speed and power, all elements of the virtual rig have a huge dynamic range. Thanks to this, the library allows you to program realistic and live drum parts not only in heavy music, but also in other directions.

Libraries from GetGood Drums appeared on the market not so long ago, but they have already won the love of users. Someone thinks that they are compressed “vnikakahu”, but their sound is much livelier than the popular Steven Slate Drums 5.

• Kontakt Library (with full NKS integration)
• Mix ready drum tones – good to go out of the box
• A brand new, fully-featured and intuitive UI
• Built-in Groove player
• Built-in Master EQ, Parallel Compression and Reverb
• The entire kit is tuned to perfection, so you’ll never be fighting against sour notes in your mix
• Every sample is phase-coherent for easy layering

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