FeelYourSound – ChordPotion 2.0.0 VSTi x86 x64

Another composer’s assistant. ChordPotion is a new plugin that generates instrument parts in different styles.

The developers from the FeelYourSound studio have released the ChordPotion plugin that will help musicians and composers compose accompaniment and melodies in a few clicks. With ChordPotion, users can enhance their tracks and arrangements with a variety of patterns that adjust to the tempo and key of the project.

Users can use any patterns, as well as mix them with each other. Thanks to this, completely unique parts can be added to the arrangement, combining elements of various styles of music. Any pattern can be additionally customized by changing the “manner” of its execution by the plugin. The creators note that thousands of patterns are stored in the plug-in database in various directions: EDM, pop, rock, hip-hop, lounge, synthwave, metal.

The principle of operation of ChordPotion is simple: after pressing a chord on a MIDI keyboard, the plug-in processes the received information and generates melodic phrases based on the specified settings. Parts created by the plugin can be instantly exported to a track within the project for further work. At the same time, before exporting, patterns can be run through the built-in randomizer, which will make the games more unique.

ChordPotion works with most DAWs for Windows and macOS, and the list of fully supported programs includes Ableton Live, Bitwig, Cubase, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Reaper, Studio One. It is noted that the development can be linked to any software synthesizer to listen to a preview of the pattern with your favorite sounds.

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