Echo Sound Works – X Keys + Bonus (MIDI, WAV, ANA2, MASSIVE, SERUM)

The concept of X Keys is simple. Take key instruments and turn them into hybrid sounds that are perfect for you, the modern producer or beatmaker. We selected over 50 instruments, including the Upright piano, Grand Pianos, old electric keyboards, Kalimbas, rare piano instruments, Bell Tone Pianos, Organs, Vintage Synths and much more, and re-synthesized these samples back to Serum and ANA2.

The result is a unique collection of hybrid sounds that again makes typical sounding keys fresh. We did not think that the Organ could sound fresh until we made X Keys. We have created hundreds of patches around custom wave tables and samples that perfectly match modern music. X Keys will be the long-awaited addition for all manufacturers: Future Bass, Hip Hop, LoFi, Chill, Pop, House

The result is a unique collection of hybrid sounds that makes typical sounding keys fresh again. We didn’t think an Organ could sound fresh until we made the X Keys (no organ players were harmed in the making of that sentence). We built hundreds of patches around the custom wavetables and samples that fit modern music perfectly. X Keys will be a welcome addition for anyone who produces:

• Future Bass
• Hip Hop
• LoFi
• Chill
• Pop
• House

• 405 Total Presets for Serum, ANA2 & Massive
• 215 Serum Presets & New Serum Skin
• 50 ANA2 Presets
• 700 Drum Samples & Loops
• 110 Instrument One Shots
• 50 MIDI Files
• 5 Construction Kits
• 4 Huge Bonus Products

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