Hello people! A month ago, I decided to create my first ever pack! My first pack is very small, and so I made it free. Therefore, when using, I ask you to leave a review about the pack, so that I know to do next or not.

Pak is created to use it in drum parties. Melodies were not included in it (but I decided to throw a couple of renderings, if useful) do not judge strictly. And write a comment about the pack.
Thanks )

• 6 kick
• 6 snare
• 6 clap
• 6 bass
• 6 brass
• 6 foley
• 6 snaps
• 6 cymbals
• 6 hi hats
• 6 percussion
• 6 buildups
• 6 vocal phrases
______ there

are also a couple of bonus drop melodies

• bass house ( 90 bpm)
• dubstep loops
• lead hard
• trap melody
• vocal drop

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