Delta-V Audio – SpaceCraft 1.0.38 VSTi, VSTi3 x64

Easy to use, powerful in sound! Delta-V Audio’s extremely popular iOS app has arrived for the computer! SpaceCraft Granular Synth is well known for inspiring creative flight. Two parallel granular sliders provide control of the frequency / length of the sound granule, LFO position, stereo reverb / filter and pitch modulation / ring modulation. Innovative pitch sequencer, MIDI / MPE, and real-time sampling open up new depths in performance and expression.

Innovative Granular Engine – The pitch of the audio segments is controlled by a unique arpeggiated note / granule sequencer grid that contains a wide range of styles, covering classic granular effects, lush sample overlays and organic rhythmic effects. Over 24 scales provide many melodic possibilities. With XY granule control, you can seamlessly transition from granular chords and drones to arpeggiated rhythmic sequences.

Elegant one-page GUI – Focusing GUI encourages a creative, interactive experience. Thanks to carefully selected components presented in a single page layout, the user can quickly immerse themselves in the sound design without the need for long-term settings and displays – all this is before you. Interactive visualization with a choice of fifteen color themes provides an exciting audio-visual experience.

MIDI and MPE – Any sample loaded or recorded in SpaceCraft instantly becomes a reproducible MIDI or MPE instrument without the need for configuration mapping. By connecting an MPE device, SpaceCraft becomes a tactile, research experience that allows you to create expressive pads and melodious melodies: a polyphony of 16 notes provides pressure control for each note, a change in pitch (Glide) and modulation of the position of the granule (Slide). Modulation of the position of the granule above the sample (using a slide) allows you to express the timbre due to changes in the timbre in the sample itself.

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