DDMF – MagicDeathEye v1.0.8 VST, VST3

Everyone who ever had the opportunity to listen to the MagicDeathEye compressor was amazed at its sound. Carefully developed by Mr. Jan Sefczyk (mastering engineer at Capitol Records), this tube compressor circuitry is loosely based on the Fairchild 660. It is a variable gain compressor that sounds just as great on your mastering bus as it does on your individual tracks. Nothing is broken here, everything breathes and shines, while MagicDeathEye smoothly glues your audio signal in such a warm and almost elegant way that only expensive tube compressors can use it.

Already a legendary hardware component, MagicDeathEye compressor is very good to be exclusively available only to some of the greatest studios in the world. After almost a year of thorough analysis of the circuits and signals, DDMF and Jan Sefchik are proud to present the official version of the plugin of this beautiful beast! Remaining extremely close to our hardware model, while maintaining the processor load at a very reasonable level, we sincerely believe that the answer to the eternal question “Do I need another compressor plug-in” is a decisive yes!

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