Dark Intervals – Deep Blue (KONTAKT)

DEEP BLUE is an instrument based on juicy pads and ambient sound. All samples are made on hardware synthesizers. Patches are programmed on the synthesizer, sampled and displayed in Kontakt.

This instrument has one specific workflow, which is to build the harmonic structure of your piece of music, where you can separately control the bass (layer A) and pad (layer B). Basically it appears as a split keyboard with two different layers: A-Bass and B-Synth (pad, sequence, or cluster).

The customization options are limited, but very functional. For example, you can skip the bottom / top bass layer and the pad layer separately in real time, which can be very useful and clearly visible on the interface.

DEEP BLUE is made for composers who are looking for a subtle ambient sound, but do not prefer a huge number of presets and want to immediately start composing and creating.
Thus, we created fewer presets, but they are all inspiring, sound good, and sampled from hardware synthesizers.


• 4.41 GB Unzipped size
• 48000 khz, 24-bit quality
• 45 pad presets
• 20 cluster presets
• 41 prerecorded sequence
• 20 bass presets


• Full Contact 6.3.2 or higher

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