D16 Group – SilverLine Collection bundle 2022.01 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

A set of plug-ins from D16 Group.

• Antresol v.1.3.0
• Decimort2 v.2.3.0
• Devastor2 v.2.3.0
• Fazortan2 v.2.2.0
• Godfazer v.1.2.0
• Redoptor2 v.2.2.0
• Spacerek v.1.2.0
• Syntorus2 v.2.2.0
• Tekturon v.1.2.0
• Toraverb2 v.2.2.0

  1. Install the plugins
  2. Copy the patched files from the Patch folder with the replacement of the original
    ones 3. Run the keygen from the R2R folder, select the required plugin from the list and click Generate
  3. Save the generated license file to a location convenient for you
  4. Run the DAW, run the plugin, in in the window that opens, click on Activate, in the window that opens, click Load File and select the license file that you generated.
  5. Restart your DAW and enjoy!

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