D16 Group – FX Bundle VST, VST3, AAX x86 X64

D16 Group Audio Software officially launched in 2006 with the goal of creating high quality virtual instruments and effects to inspire musicians and producers. Today, D16 Group Audio Software is known for creating premium audio plugins. Our constant commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality drives us to create virtual instruments that set new standards in sound and effects that take creativity to the next level. The trust and respect we have earned for our products in the audio community has made the D16 Group a favorite company for musicians around the world.

Antresol v1.3.1: Antresol brings the classic Mistress pedal back to life. The original, conceived in the mid-70s, quickly became the benchmark for flanger-type effects, offering a uniquely rich character. Antresol is the complete embodiment of this classic and latest effect in the SilverLine collection.

Decimort 2 v2.3.1: Decimort is a high quality bit crusher. Producers of electronic music (especially in hip-hop) have always known that classic samplers (such as the early Akai and E-MU units) have their own character and sound. They added “grain” and “color” to the samples and loops being played, making them sound “fat” and fit well into the mix. This sonic coloration was due to the encoding methods, lower sampling rate, lower bit rate, and conversion schemes used in these early samplers.

Devastor 2 v2.3.1: Devastor is a simple multi-band distortion block. This is an improved version of Phoscyon’s distortion block. The plugin offers nine different connection topologies between its filters and the diode suppressor. Filters can process the signal before or after it is applied to the diode clamper, but some configurations even allow the filters to work in conjunction with the clamper.

Fazortan 2 v2.2.1: Fazortan 2 is a new incarnation of the Controlable Space Phaser that is part of our SilverLine collection. Needless to say, we haven’t cut corners much in terms of quality and that solid, coveted analog sound experience. Full control over the phase shifter allows adjustment and allows you to get the desired contour with high accuracy.

Frontier v1.2.1: Frontier is a studio-grade limiter plugin with a simple and clean user interface. This allows you to quickly and efficiently control the dynamics of a channel, bus, or master output. The Frontier can be used as a very transparent mix/master limiter (at certain settings), just licking off the loudest amplitude peaks, or can also be used as a sound shaper when it comes to more extreme settings. Especially with the soft-clip option enabled.

Godfazer v1.2.1: Godfazer is an advanced modulation module that includes one Ensemble module and two Multi Filter modules. Ensemble offers a wide range of vintage emulations with delay and amplitude modulation, including BBD-based choruses, Solina-style ensembles and rotary speakers, as well as many original tremolos, autopanners and other models (22 in total). ). Each of the multifilters has 40 filter types/models; from dual shelving EQs, bass/treble/bandpass models and formant filters to a wide selection of vintage and modern phasers.

Redoptor 2 v2.2.1: Redoptor 2 is a high quality Vintage Tube Distortion emulator. The popularity of tube distortions is due to their superiority over solid-state fuzz istorators based on transistor limiter circuits. Tubes produce even and odd harmonics and naturally compress the signal. Transistors produce only odd harmonics and limit the sound.

Repeater v1.2.1: Built-in 23 delay models ranging from classic oilers and cymbals to the most famous vintage digital designs. Repeater is a Vintage Modeled Delay plugin, a collaboration between D16 Group and Slate Digital. This effect can mimic the behavior of various classical devices, more specifically 23 different types of devices; ranging from classic oil dishes and cymbals to the most famous vintage digital drawings.

Spacerek v1.2.1: The hybrid algorithm at the heart of Spacerek combines simulated virtual spaces with a dynamic delay network, generating reverb tails with realistic early reflections and algorithmic dense late reflections with separately adjustable ER and LR pre-delay times. Dozens of emulated room types include halls, towers, chambers, tunnels and more, and each brings together a variety of stereo microphone and speaker presets that make up a list of 114 reverb models. Each reverb model is preset to work in left-right stereo or mid-range. Spacerek also allows you to balance the direct signal, early reflections and late reflections with a simple three-channel mixer.

Syntorus 2 v2.2.1: Syntorus 2 is described as a Triple Path analog chorus and is designed to provide a rich analog chorus sound similar to that of classic synths such as the Solina, Synthex or Juno.

Tekturon v1.2.1: Tekturon is a multitap-delay effect with 16 independent high quality delay lines. What sets the device apart from other tap-based delay effects is how it is controlled and the topology in which the taps are located. Tekuron cannot be thought of as a touch delay effect in the strictest sense, but rather as a succession of touches with the same delay from each other, making the plugin very similar to using a step sequencer.

Toraverb 2 v2.2.1: Toraverb 2 – Space Modulated Reverb is an algorithmic reverb with a modulated tail, the design of which is not based on any “ready” algorithm, but is a conceptual solution. Toraverb 2 has a high-quality diffusion network based on modified all-pass filters with an additional modulation parameter that affects the diffusion network responsible for the distribution of sound wave reflections over time. The modulation causes the sound of the reverb tail to change to give a more realistic sound propagation effect. The amount of modulation is adjusted independently for early and late reflections.

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