Chocolate Audio – Uproar Vol. 2 (KONTAKT)

Brand new loops and phrases of an eight-string guitar. In the second issue of the ChocoMatic series, a unique miracle again sounds: an 8-string ESP custom-made baritone guitar for Gianluca Ferro. The two most powerful and balanced active EMG pickups were used in combination with conventional amps, effects, and customizable re-amplification to achieve a loud guitar tone designed to break through filled mixes of any genre: in particular, cinematic, orchestral, and modern rock music .

Gianluca Ferro is an experienced ESP guitarist and fan. Playing in many international musical metal events, he knows a lot about the tone and attitude needed to achieve perfectly dense and soulful tracks.

• 7 Collections ranging 78 to 180 BPM
• 4 Parts for each Collection
• each Part features between 6 and 10 Tonal Centers
• each Tonal Center features up to 7 Variations
• a total of 1872 Phrases
• 3.14 GB uncompressed content (1.99 GB compressed)
• amp and DI version (so you can reamp or process it with your favorite plugins)
• each Part can be routed to a separate output from Kontakt to your DAW for further processing
• version 2 of our custom innovative ChocoMatic looping and phrasing engine for Kontakt 5.5 .2 and up (Full Version)
• recorded at 88.2 KHz / 24 bit, released at 44.1 KHz / 24 bit

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