Channel Robot – KEYTONE v1.1 (KONTAKT)

KeyTone is a two-way romper. Our starting point was that the world does not need another multi-gigabyte multisampled piano-rompler, and also does not need additional Rhodes or Whirlitzer tools. Instead, we wanted to create a fast and easy-to-use romper that allows you to define your own unique piano sounds.
There are over 200 instruments selected and included in KeyTone that have been carefully recorded, edited, and processed using our analog lamp-based system, including transmitting each sound through our 1970s Akai special tube preamp, and then passed through a Revox B77 tape recorder with a vintage (but untouched) British tape Zonal 675. This is a long, slow process, but we think the sounds received are worth it.
Setting up and using new sounds in KeyTone couldn’t be simpler – we spent a lot of time refining our voice randomization engine to such an extent that new and interesting sounds are just a click away. We added a completely new “Overview” tab to quickly and easily access the most important controls, but we kept all the controls in KeyTone with “classic” synthesis controls, such as envelopes and filters, to create modern, innovative and original sounds quickly and efficiently. You can find them on the Detail tab. In addition to these controls, we have provided over 200 snapshots, full instrument sounds, as well as over 100 voice presets, 30 gate presets and 50 ARP presets.

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