Celemony – Melodyne Studio 5

This program allows you to work with recorded monaural audio data in the form familiar to the musician – editing and changing the sound is done by regulating directly the musical and melodic characteristics of the audio.

Namely, the program reads the original mono audio material, analyzes it, on the basis of which it presents the audio data in the form of sections (samples) of this material scattered over their corresponding notes (after marking the rhythm grid). Now the user can take individual sections of audio and raise / lower them along the stave, which will accordingly affect the pitch – this way the pitch is edited.

In a similar way, you can change the duration of the sound sections (time-stretch), as well as the formant composition, amplitude and other characteristics. The program allows you to work with 24 audio tracks simultaneously. It should be noted the very high quality of sound processing algorithms. Using the program can be extremely indispensable, for example, when adjusting vocals.

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