Canary Julz – ONYX V2 (MIDI Collection) (MIDI)

How are you, producers? You won’t read anything other than great reviews of the first release of “The ONYX Collection”. So we decided to dig into the repository / work on something new for you guys to bring you the second part – “ONYX V2”.
If you have the first part, you know this will inspire you to create hundreds of new bits / locations!

We have included several different genres in this collection. And we wanted to keep Hyperpop / Virtual Genre and Lofi, because this is your favorite folder in the pack. But this time, we’ve also included SOULFUL TRAP, Emotional Trap and more to make this collection another one of the most versatile MIDI collections out there.

300+ Original MIDI Files In Total
Key & Tempo & Genre Labelled (* NEW Genres)

Organized By Scale (All Major & Minor Scales)
200+ Full Melodies

50+ Hyperpop & Virtual Melodies

(Lil Uzi Vert, $ oFaygo, Supah Mario, Working On Dying, etc.)

30+ Soulful Trap Melodies

(Brent Faiyaz, Bryson Tiller, etc.)

30+ Lofi Hip Hop Melodies

(Flying Lotus, J.Dilla, NO ID, etc.)

25+ Emotional Trap Melodies

(NBA Youngboy, Toosii2x, Lil TJay, etc.)

20+ Hip Hop Melodies

(J.Cole, Logic, Russ, Kendrick Lamar, etc.)

20+ Guitar Trap Melodies

(Gunna, Lil Baby, Money Man, etc.)

  • 50 MIDI Drum Patterns * NOW LABELLED BY GENRE! *

(Labelled by Tempo / BPM)

  • 20 MIDI HiHat Patterns
  • 10 808 & Bass Patterns
  • 10 Snare Patterns
  • 10 Kick Patterns
  • More

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