Cableguys – ShaperBox 3 v3.1.1 VST, VST3, AAX x64

ShaperBox is your tool for rhythmic inspiration, musical movement and mixing magic. Nine powerful Cableguys Shaper effects combined in one simple and modern interface.

You can now also import ShaperBox 1/2 custom presets into ShaperBox 3. To use this feature, open ShaperBox 1 or 2 and select Sync from the main menu (three lines icon). Then open ShaperBox 3 and click the “Sync” button on the top bar (or via the Main Menu).

Your synced presets will appear in the “My Presets” area prefixed with “SB1” or “SB2”. If you delete/change/rename them in ShaperBox 3, they will remain visible and will not change in ShaperBox 1/2.

• NoiseShaper’s noise download dialog will not be shown again once cancelled.
• The correct Wave category is now opened when using Quick Presets (Sidechain, Trim, Half-Time).
• Oscilloscope Tool is now resized when Global Audio Trigger panel open.
• Loading the plugin with the selected MIDI device disconnected no longer causes unexpected results.

NOTE: You still have to connect to get the presets and the noises, but they do not disappear afterward.

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