Boz Digital Labs – Imperial Delay 1.5.11 VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

Boz Digital Labs, driven by the goal of creating the most powerful delay plugin yet easy to use, has introduced Imperial Delay. According to manufacturers, there are two types of such effects in the world: some have multiple possibilities to control every nuance of sound, but require deep knowledge, while others are easy to use, but, on the contrary, are limited in tuning functions. Imperial Delay intelligently combines these two qualities.

Imperial Delay — Unique Features:

• Drive, Feedback, Duck, Color, Smear, Modulation, and Chorus controls with on / off buttons and Advanced Section editing controls with presets
• “Drive” adds distortion and harmonics to the input signal
• “Duck” compresses the delayed output letting you have more extreme delay settings allowing your original dry track shine through
• “Smear” softens the sharp edges of the delayed signal enabling it to functionlike reverb, putting it more in the background
• “Offset” delays the right channel ; setting becomes a fixed rate relative to the main delay value
• “Color” tone-shaping control adds more color to the feedback signalas it repeats
• “Dynamic Feedback” changes feedback value via threshold (like a gate)
• Advanced section presets let you save individual modifications without changing other settings

Imperial Delay — Just the Facts:
• Dual layer architecture with main and advanced controls
• Independent wet and dry level controls
• Sync mode offers three options: Free, Sync, and Tap
• Delay range of 0.1ms to 10s in Free mode
• Six delay modes
• On / Off for left / right mono channels and center (stereo)
• Feedback with polarity controls to add width or ringing effect
• Presets can be organized into submenus and shared across platforms and Mac / PC operating systems without changing functionality

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