BLEASS – Plugins Set 2021.10 VST3, AU WIN.OSX x64

BLEASS is a music technology company based in Plaine Images, Europe’s premier center for the creative industries in Tourcoing, France. Founded in 2018, BLEASS strives to create high quality digital instruments for all musicians.

BLEASS focuses on developing intuitive and robust instruments and effects that offer clean and accessible interfaces for a fast music experience.

BLEASS also works in collaboration with renowned artists such as electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre, who entrusted BLEASS with the sound engine and sound algorithm of his latest endless creation: EoN.

• BLEASS.Chorus.v1.2.0
• BLEASS.Delay.v1.2.0
• BLEASS.Dragonfly.v1.0.4
• BLEASS.Flanger.v1.0.2
• BLEASS.Granulizer.v1.0.2
• BLEASS.Motion.FX.v1.0.3
• BLEASS.Phaser.v1.0.2
• BLEASS.Reverb.v1.2.0
• BLEASS.Saturator.v1.0.1
• BLEASS.Shimmer.v1.3.0
• BLEASS.Slow.Machine.v1.0.3

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