Black Octopus Sound – Havana Sunset by Basement Freaks (WAV)

Let sunny melodies fill the night as twilight shrouds the party on Reggaeton Island. Welcome to Havana Sunset, a library of impeccable percussion for bright summer hits and the perfect accompaniment for tropical, deep or lounge vocals. It’s time to start a tropical fire!

You’ll find over 100 instrument loops in trendy keys, ready to give you that real instrumented pop sound that is fast becoming a must in Tropical and Reggaton music. Including various shakers, Metal Guiro’s, Samba Tamborim’s and Blocks. Next to drums and percussion that were recorded straight from the street!

Using several types of hammers on metal, wood, plastic and any other surface that gives a Barrio-type sound that meets the Basement Freak standard. The drum and percussion sounds were then processed with Elektron analog heating, various Universal Audio pedals and plug-ins to produce crisp samples that can easily enhance any Reggaton or moombahton beat.

These samples are easy to use, all loops are set to the ideal 95 bpm for reggaeton and all samples are ready for drag action. So stop sipping on that tropical cocktail and light the fire on the dance floor with these exciting pop music sounds!

• 254 Total Samples
• 14 Percussion Fills
• 50 Drums One Shots
• 51 Percussion One Shots
• 9 Sound Effects
• 25 Top Loops
• 9 Wood Block Loops
• 14 Combo Shakers Loops
• 15 Plastic Block Loops
• 11 Metal Guiro Loops
• 10 Drum Loops
• 34 Music Loops
• 27 Combo Percussion Loops

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