Best Service – Klanghaus 2 v1.0 (ENGINE 2)

A library of unique instruments invented and designed by Ferdinand Foersch for the sampler Best Service – Engine

Unique tools invented and designed by Ferdinand Försch. With your KLANGHAUS 2 virtual instrument, you have access to a collection of unique instruments invented and designed by Ferdinand Försch. We recorded these instruments with the utmost care and attention, and then spent hundreds of hours putting them together according to Ferdinand Försch’s ideas and vision.

The result is a new instrument with many amazing sounds divided into different categories. All rhythm sequences are midi-based and therefore seamlessly adapt to the speed of your sequencer. Also midi input for rhythm sequences is quantized to the “next beat” for extra timing precision.

Klanghaus 2 now expands this collection of tonal playable instruments with over 900 grooves, loops and swells that can be edited in almost unlimited creative ways. Restructure or deconstruct loops with arpeggiators and step sequencers, add ultra-fast modulations and preset-based effects to expand your creativity beyond sound design.

Where possible and useful, we have grouped instruments together to provide “key switching” between different playing techniques. Be curious and play, take your time and let the sounds develop. Also, don’t forget to check out the bonus section for our exemplary and inspiring building sets.

The interface of Klanghaus 2 is designed to be clear and intuitive. You’ll find basics like volume, panning, and an ADSR curve, as well as various effects like reverb, delay, phaser, bit crusher, and more.

And with 8 arpeggiators/step sequencers and 14 step modulators per patch, you can go crazy! Almost every feature can be quickly modulated with specially designed modulator presets, giving you endless sound design possibilities in no time!

As a musician, composer and artist, producer Ferdinand Försch has been inventing and constructing new musical instruments, sound sculptures and installations since 1982…

To date, he has designed more than a hundred musical instruments (metal drums, stringed instruments and their combinations, sound images, drum and sound walls, and sound machines), building them from a wide variety of materials up to scrap metal.

These instruments have been featured in concerts, performances and exhibitions around the world (The Kitchen, New York, Shanghai Arts Festival, West Africa, numerous European festivals, etc.).

The central source of inspiration in his research and work is the relationship between acoustic and visual, between sound and form, hearing and sight. He developed an innate unity in diversity, creatively participating in this interaction. All sounds that you can hear and use in the KLANGHAUS library come from an original and unique source.

In 1997 he founded “KLANGHAUS” in Hamburg, Germany, as an experiential forum for concerts, exhibitions and interdisciplinary performances. After 30 years of making musical instruments, he decided to open the doors even more and deliver his sound work as a virtual instrument, resulting in the KLANGHAUS library running on the Best Service “Engine” sampler!

Copy the file 000003F7 from the keys folder and place it along the path C:\ProgramData\Best Service\Engine\keys
Register the library with any key (6 by 6 blocks), for example: 666666-666666-666666-666666-666666-666666

For those who use the release from R2R – file in R2R engine Key folder

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