Bellatrix Audio – Feoria (SYNTH PRESET)

Welcome to the world of fantasy and magical sounds of FEORIA! Immerse yourself in a fabulous world of dreams filled with magical inspiring timbres, the sound of which can caress your ears for an infinitely long time.

Feoria reveals the potential of the synthesizer even more, again and again bringing interesting colors, intricate ornaments, making the sound rich and truly magical.

We created these sounds with special trepidation. I abandoned the typical linear, in terms of decision synthesis rules, and relied only on my hearing and imagination.

I gave myself the freedom to fantasize and now you have the result of this work. It was another interesting experience. Every time I create presets, I discover more and more possibilities in Spire. He is able to absorb for many hours, giving complete freedom to creativity.

My team and I hope that the FEORIA collection will become one of the favorites for many great music creators!

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