AudioBro – GENESIS Children’s Choir (KONTAKT)

We are very pleased to present you a new standard for sampling children’s choirs. Based on our new orchestra movement, Genesis Choir is an elite children’s choir of 64 parts (4 parts divisi):

16 Soprano Girls
16 Alto Girls
16 Soprano Boys
16 Alto Boys

The Ensemble page contains Stage features and Auto Divisi, Delay & Humanization (DNH) features. Here you can choose and place your ensembles on our virtual stage, and our Auto Divisi will help you make the right choice. You can easily create Latin American phrases using the “Phrase” section and save your phrases in 20 presets, which can be switched using the keys in real time with playback without fail.

The new Mixer engine has extended sections “Modulation”, “Automation” and “Effects Sends”, which allow you to customize the sound in quite convincing ways, while maintaining simplicity and intuitiveness.

The library is added through the Add Library

20 key switchable Mixer snapshots
4 microphone mixes: Close, Stage, Far, Full Mix
7 inserts per channel
28 Effects plugins
Over 50 filters to choose from
Put any effects or filters in any order in our Insert slots
Assign MIDI CCs to an plugin Effect paramter
Modulation Tables to create compelling sonic landscapes
Chopper – rhythmically stutter any channel to your specifications

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