Audified – RZ062 Equalizer 2.0.0 VST3, AAX x64

“The sweetest EQ of all time” Precise EQ models of Klangfilm RZ062 vintage EQ modules. Two plugins for music creation and mastering. Both RZ062 plugins provide a pleasing vintage warmth and an amazing presence for your vocals, instruments, and entire mixes. The RZ062 equalizer was developed in Germany almost 60 years ago for installation in mixing consoles along with the U73b compressors and other ingenious modules at the time.

They were used in European studios to modify the frequency response of the recorded sound to eliminate unwanted studio acoustics. But their sophisticated circuits bring in something much more interesting than just basic EQ: the incredibly subtle tone coloration that is so highly prized in modern recording projects.

RZ062: completely different. Instead of a colorful graphical interface with modern EQs, RZ adds great color to your audio material. The change in the harmonics produced by the lamp is combined with the change in the spectrum corrected by the equalizer. Everything is accurately modeled, including these unique characteristics.

RZ062a: The RZ062a and RZ062b modules differ in the purpose of the central controller. In the a-module, the middle knob rotates the entire frequency response around the center point (650 Hz). At the same time, as the bass is raised, the treble is attenuated.

RZ062b: B-module is more difficult. Its knob allows you to select one of four frequencies (1.4, 2, 2.8 and 4 kHz) and simultaneously adjust their gain. This parameter helps your sound material stand out very softly and moderately.

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