Audeobox – Jetpack 2 (WAV)

More than two years have passed since the first release of Jetpack, our exclusive collection essential products for any modern manufacturer, and hopefully matures over time. As with every AudeoBox offering, we try to do the next better than the last, and Jetpack 2 follows this spirit further than ever.

This package marks the first time in our history where we have been able to assemble 8 to 10 of our unique sound engineers to create a body of work that is completely original and unprecedentedly cohesive, while remaining individual. On our second journey through the foundations of today and tomorrow, we took familiar faces from our Vibes, Elyments, Resonance and Twisted Metal series to work on what they do best, as well as bring in some fresh blood to raise the stakes.

For our drums, drum loops and overhead loops, we relied on our percussion foundations to expand their imaginations and hone their craft to create over 345 original drum loops and over 100 usable drum loops and toppers. With John Casey, the kit’s lead drum designer, Jetpack 2 sees its signature drum sound range from the unexpected to the modern classics of the future.

Adding Toby Shay’s sonic worldview to our Elemynts series was an undeniable pleasure, so we had to bring him in to add some vintage hip-hop to the mix. To tie it all together, Q Rock has released a fresh set of drum loops, ready for any occasion.

With this version of Jetpack, we wanted to bring fresh blood to make each vertical of the package as special as possible.

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