Arturia – Analog Lab STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

Analog Lab gives you easy access to 6500+ of the hottest presets from our award-winning V Collection.
Contains sounds of all 21 authenticly modeled keyboards that combine impressive sound with exceptional ease of use and amazing features. In addition to studying the feedback from the music community, our developers worked hand in hand with professional ergonomists to optimize every aspect of this tool for creating and playing music. This made it possible to create an intuitive interface, a perfectly organized browser based on categories and a natural display of sound parameters containing the autonomous sound encyclopedia of legendary sounds.

Preserving the real: Why settle for samples of classic instruments when you have faithful reproductions? At Analog Lab, you search for the best sounds from the award-winning Arturia V Collection collection of 21 classical synthesizers, organs and pianos, which are genuine physical models of the originals. There is nothing better than the quality of the organic sound of the past years that is available anywhere.

Add authentic analogue warmth: All your favorite sounds to the Analog Lab, which gives you the best of 21 instruments that made a history of music and everything in one convenient place. Analog synthesizers. Digital synthesizers. Acoustic Pianos. Electric pianos. Organs. String cars. With the best of 21 reproductions of vintage instruments, the Analog Lab lets you transcend time and style, equipping you with everything from the most iconic sounds of the past to modern sound projects that today define musical trends. If you compose, record or perform, more than 6,500 sounds cover every song, genre, mood and atmosphere that you can think of – no programs are required. Use it offline or with your favorite DAW.

Find and remember your favorite sounds: With a streamlined new browser in Analog Lab, you can always find the right sound. Where is this sound? Find it in no time by clicking on the tags to filter the Analog Lab’s extensive audio library by type, feature, instrument, etc. Need a bold, funky bass? Just click this tag combination to get a short list from the entire library, or to limit yourself to just the selected virtual tools. Click to add tools to your favorites for instant download later. Use playlists to save only the sounds you need for concerts or sessions and then access or change MIDI programs to your preferred buttons or pedal.
Regardless of whether you are writing, playing or recording, the elegant Analog Lab browser makes it easy to dive into the depths of this vast library for the sound gold you need.

• Original hybrid hardware / software synthesizer
• Updated with sounds from the V 6 collection
• More than 6,500 sounds from some of the best sound engineers in the industry
• Presets are carefully selected from our V Collection 6 (ARP 2600 V, B-3 V, CS-80 V, Farfisa V, Jup-8 V, Matrix-12 V, Mini V, Modular V, Prophet V, Prophet VS, SEM V, Solina V, Stage-73 V, • Synclavier V, Piano V2, Vox Continental V, Wurli V, Buchla Easel V, Clavinet V, DX7 V and CMI V)
• Updated browser to quickly find the desired sound: by type (bass, pads, leads …), by characteristics (long, bright, dark …), etc.
• Multi-mode for creating your own layers, separation and adding effects
• Automatic display of parameters for Arturia keyboards
• Parameters can be easily compared with other MIDI controllers
• Standalone or plug-in (VST, VST3, AU, AAX)
• Full preset editing available for owners of full versions of our synthesizers (Mini V, Modular V, CS-80V, Wurlitzer V, etc.).
• The user interface is configured automatically according to your Arturia controller.

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