Your new library for everything related to synthesizer sounds. Over 300 presets painstakingly handcrafted, composed and sampled from a wide range of analog, wavetable and granular synthesizers.

Includes synths, pads, basses, stubs, plaks, background textures and atmospheric effects. All tastefully crafted using high-end hardware and industry-leading software to bring rich, warm analog sound to your productions.

The neat and intuitive user interface is specially designed for you. Maintained simplicity and conciseness, but at the same time the instrument gives you complete control over the formation of sound

• Powerful and warm analog synths
• Huge evolving pads
• Immersive atmospheric soundscapes and background textures
• Ground shaking basses
• Classy and smooth modern and retro synths
• Gritty hard-hitting leads
• Tension building effects and transitions

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