112dB – Bundle (LCSim) 1.0.1 VST, VST3 x64

112dB.Big.Blue.Compressor.v1.0.7 is a modern compressor with vintage quality. Despite the fact that it can sound transparent whenever necessary, it is designed to give meaning and warmth to your sound.

112dB.Big.Blue.Limiter.v1.1.7 – a limiter that uses analog modulation in its circuit, makes the sound warmer and bold, adds a kind of charisma. Intuitive and versatile interface, allows you to adjust the delay, the minimum load on the processor and many other advantages

112dB.Redline.Equalizer.v1.0.11 – universal parametric equalizer with updated features. Combining quality-mastering processing with an unrivaled workflow, Redline Equalizer provides high-precision control over the entire frequency spectrum with excellent transparency and absolutely zero phase offset

112dB.Redline.Monitor.v1.0.11 – – a tool for wiretapping, mixing and mastering. It replaces the extreme stereo division, which is typical for headphones with a detailed stereo display of an almost field monitor.

112dB.Redline.Preamp.v1.0.9 – can revive almost any “very clean” sound using a custom combination of odd and even harmonics and saturation. The exclusivity and brevity of the editing parameters will allow you to achieve a fine high-quality color.

112dB.Redline.Reverb.v1.0.15 – music reverb based on a completely new and original concept, which is felt both in warmth and in transparency, while extremely low CPU usage.

112dB.Jaws v1.0.1 – Dynamic BitCracker It offers sample rate reduction, pre-amplifier, I / O filters and much more. In addition, Jaws also has a resonant multifilter, which you can also modulate. This means that you can use Jaws in the usual way: add a little charm to samplers from the 80s by reducing bit depth or sample rate. Input and output filters, a vintage color preamplifier and noise reduction allow you to get closer to the sound of the old school.
But most importantly, you can use all these effects creatively and smoothly. With Envelope Follower, you can add more crunch to loud parts of your track (or softer parts). LFO allows you to create all kinds of strange oscillatory transitions. At extreme settings, the sound will be changed beyond recognition.

112dB.Mikron Cascade v1.0.3 – multi-level delay effect. An ideal tool for creating atmospheres, ambient and drones. It scatters any incoming sound into a lively, lush, warm “sound cloud”. Modified delay models are specially designed to create organic kinematic atmospheres. A slight detuning of the source material may cause some tension in the sound.

112dB.Mikron Compressor v1.0.0 – a compressor that can have surprisingly transparent, light, and can have a powerful effect on the audio material. It has the same high fidelity sound as its older brother Big Blue Compressor. But his mode of operation was compressed into several intuitive controls. However, do not let appearances fool you. Despite the apparent simplicity, the plugin has great flexibility.

112dB.Mikron Delay v1.0.4 – delay effect, which was created under the inspiration of vintage tape devices. We did not try to imitate any of these classic things in particular, but tried to cover the basics of these devices, which make their sound incredibly warm. Instead of doing the perfect emulation of one particular device that we admire, we made a “flexible vintage delay” to give you the opportunity to use all the “tricks” of these old machines.

112dB.Mikron Reverb v1.0.0 – Reverb With Mikron Reverb you can immerse your music in the right atmosphere in an instant. This colorful plugin is the younger brother of our widely acclaimed Redline Reverb. It has the same warm and magnificent, sound, but a completely different mode of operation. In Mikron Reverb, most Redline Reverb options are hidden behind several intuitive controls. It includes an intelligent algorithm that determines the ideal settings for these parameters for a wide range of room characteristics.

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