Waves – Waves Complete 12 0.16 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x64

Complete package of professional audio processing plug-ins for various purposes,
awarded the Technical GRAMMY Award for his contribution to the development of music.

Included is an updated Emulator by R2R, all plugins and applications, including Flow Motion, MultiRack and StudioRack, work fine.
What’s new: https://www.waves.com/downloads/release-notes

Supported DAWs:
https: //www.waves. com / support / tech-specs / supported-hosts

With Waves Central in whatever configuration you choose.
It has no special features.

For the Online mode, you need to register on the Waves website, it is better to register in advance
for the OffLine mode, use the archive

Samples for instruments https://www.waves.com/downloads/sample-libraries
Presets and reverb pulses https://www.waves.com/downloads / free

Who does not know what SoundGrid is – the better not to install it
After completion, install WaveslicenseEngine.bundle (emulator)

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