SubMission Audio – GroveBass v1.0 (KONTAKT)

GroveBass transmits every tone flawlessly part of Simon’s iconic Herr Schwarz HL5 bass guitar. Handcrafted by German Luther craftsmen from the Le Fay boutique, it conveys his signature sound for which he is known.

Pop? Metal? Rock? GroveBass will take care of you. Suitable for any genre – GroveBass is a revolution in virtual bass.

Simon Grove has shaped the sound of modern progressive music with his agile playing style, tight, punchy grooves and intuitive dexterity in production. A career musician and producer, his talent has propelled him to become a household name in the progressive and metal scene.

Whether he works in the studio or on stage with the likes of Plini, Protest The Hero, Interval, Sungazer, David Maxim Michich, The Helix Nebula, Nick Johnston and many more, Simon consistently defines himself as a force to be reckoned with. music industry.

GroveBass is the first virtual instrument of its kind. Powered by our revolutionary new truBass technology that captures all the nuances of Simon’s technique, GroveBass is the ultimate virtual instrument.

7 Comments on “SubMission Audio – GroveBass v1.0 (KONTAKT)”

  1. Sure it asks for a copy of the DVD on Windows, but…..
    Strange that this is mac only, given the exe provided actually runs on WINDOWS.

    1. So does it actually work for windows? I don’t think it would considering it would have to unpack the .pkg files which can only be opened on a Mac. If you have a Hackintosh it would work.

  2. As I mentioned;
    It has an exe file to run the install, but then it asks for the copy of the DVD.

    Will have to wait for a correct working Windows .

  3. I got it to work, I was wrong from the beginning and Pete was partially right except for the DVD thing. You will need Kontakt Player 6.6.1 to use GroveBass

    1. Double Click on GroveBass 1.0.0 Setup PC.exe
    2. The installer will pop up
    3. Click Next
    4. Select Language
    5. Click Next
    6. Click Checkbox to accept terms of the license agreement
    7. Click Next
    8. Click Next
    9. Choose where you want GroveBass to be installed
    10. Next
    11. Next and it will install

    Once installed, import it via Kontakt Player

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