Roland Cloud Retro Active Sample Pack WAV

Use criterion Roland drum sounds in a modern way with this percussion-forward sample collection by sound designer Carlos Vasquez. Drawing from a treasure trove of classic Roland instruments, Vasquez transforms familiar sounds like the booming 808 kick and scintillating CR-78 hi-hats into unique permutations for any genre.

357 DAW-ready WAV files for sample-based music creation
Includes musical phrase loops, drum loops, and one-shot samples
Files labeled with tempo and key info as needed for fast workflow
MIDI files of musical phrase loops also included
Compatible with Roland hardware that supports sample import
Included with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships
Also available with a Lifetime Key purchase
Retro Active Sample Pack Contents:

Total size: 653 MB
124 drum loops
13 clap one-shots
4 crash FX
41 hi-hat one-shots
32 kick one-shots
70 percussion one-shots
53 snare one-shots
20 tom one-shots

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