Roland Cloud – Anthology EP14 (Concerto)

Lightweight, simple and powerful electric piano for scene or studio.
You let us know that you want the library of juicy melodies of the electric piano to accompany the ever-growing Roland Cloud catalog. Our answer? This is a very deep sampling software synthesizer called Anthology EP14.
As you may have already understood, EP stands for “electric piano,” and, as always, Anthology means “easy to use, unpretentious to system resources, and great sound.” Anthology EP14 truly presents Roland’s great sounds that have been turned into a portable version. This is an electric piano that fits in your laptop bag.

• 48kHz stereo
• Adjustable key sensitivity
• Fine and course tuning controls, both manually or via midi control for coarse tuning
• Best-in-class, chainable effects including convolution and classic Reverb, distortion, stereo chorus, flange, compression, doubler, and stereo delay
• Decay and wet / dry mix controls
• Per instrument Limiter toggle
• Multiple instruments supported per plugin instance
• Multi-threaded loading and streaming
• VST parameter automation

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