Overloud REmatrix Complete Bundle v1.2.11 [U2B] MAC

REmatrix includes five separate convolutions and a chain of effects working together to create complex and unique spaces that cannot be achieved with any other tool. REmatrix is ​​the professional solution for engineers looking for:
The complete REmatrix package gives you access to REmatrix and all available libraries at a very competitive price.

Add. Information : NOTE: Please consider uninstalling the previous version.
Package includes:
• REmatrix plugin
• REmatrix Factory Library
• Blackstar Studio
• Drive Blast
• Dusty Racks Vol.1
• Dusty Racks Vol.2
• Dusty Racks Vol.3
• GoldenGlue Platinum
• Imagined Spaces
• JPVerbs
• Rafa Sardina Spaces
• Studio Sessions
• Studio Sessions II

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