Mastering The Mix – Collection v1.8m STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x64

Mastering The Mix has one main goal: to help you make your music better than ever!
Using our plugins, you will solve the most difficult problems you face in the studio and create the best music.

• ANIMATE v1.1.7 – multi-purpose mixing plugins (EXPAND, GROW, IGNITE, PUNCH)
• BASSROOM v1.0.8 – Final Mix & Mastering EQ.
• EXPOSE v2.0.3 – Standalone application for sound quality control.
• LEVELS v2.0.3 – plugin for mixing and measuring sound.
• MIXROOM v1.0.8 is an intelligent and versatile equalizer.
• REFERENCE v2.0.5 – Utility plugin for mixing and mastering.
• RESO v1.0.4 – Dynamic resonance suppression.

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