Loopmasters – Hip Hop Arrival Vol 2 – The Star Mobster

Loopmasters presents Hip Hop Arrival – The Star Mobster Heist, the second set in a new series of unearthly hip-hop collections. These two little intergalactic troublemakers have come to our planet to loot our precious metals and stones, just give them what they want and they won’t harm you! If you deny them, you will most likely disintegrate, they are well armed and should be considered extremely dangerous.
They came with a soundtrack of dirty hip-hop breaks, dark atmospheric bass, strange interdimensional sound effects, traumatic synthesizers, alien allies sounds, many vocal threats and a full arsenal of scratch weapons.

• 50 Scratch Drum Loops
• 47 Bass Loops
• 46 Full Drum Loops
• 38 Drum Part Loops
• 24 Scratch Bass Loops
• 19 Vocal Scratch Loops
• 18 Scratch Synth Loops
• 14 Synth Loops
• 11 Scratch Fx Loops
• 7 Fx Loops
• 66 Drum Hits
• 47 Vocals
• 38 Fx
• 24 Bass Hits
• 4 Synth Hits
• 1 Bonus Battle Break Scratch Tool
• 274 Rex2 Files
• 40 Soft Sampler Patches

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